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The Greeters « de Nantes »

« In the footsteps of Nantes »

Meeting with a Greeter is the discovery of Nantes and its surroundings in the footsteps of its inhabitants in the city on the Atlantic Coast in the heart of the vineyards on the banks of the Canal from Nantes to Brest… The walk is free and people are volunteers. Follow your desires and those of your Greeter for a time of unique sharing !

The Greeters de Nantes are ready to welcome you, but we are not alone! You can visit the Greeters in many other parts of the world.

The Global Greeter Network is an international network which brings together Greeters of world. Find them all on the site http://globalgreeternetwork.info!

Greeters organizations, although different, have strong commonalities: a way of acting, behaving, and ethics generally resulted in a Chart, that is to say, a commitment to work. At the heart of the chart of each organization, there are seven values ​​listed here:

• The Greeters are volunteers who greet visitors as friends.
• The Greeters share their daily meetings with up to six people.
• Meeting with a Greeter is free.
• Welcoming Greeters is open to all without discrimination.
• Greeters organizations encourage sustainable tourism. (Link to other travel : http://www.voyageons-autrement.com/)
• Meeting with a Greeter is an opportunity for mutual enrichment.
• It creates links between ordinary people and contributes to the openness, tolerance, respect for a better world.
• Greeters organizations promote the development and fulfillment of their volunteers.

To discover the Chart of the Greeters of Nantes => Click HERE chart of the Greeters of Nantes.

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