Would you like to explore Nantes

or other places in and around the city through the eyes of a local resident? Then contact a Greeter!

The stroll is free and all Greeters are volunteers.
It’s a unique opportunity for you and your Greeter to spend time together and share your interests!

Our Greeters live in Nantes or the surrounding area and they love their city.
Open to other cultures, from all age groups and backgrounds,
they volunteer to give you some of their free time to show you around the city, from secret corners to classic sites, depending on your interests and those of your Greeter.

The Greeters of Nantes are looking forward to meeting you – but we’re not the only ones!
You can meet other Greeters in lots of other regions around the world.

The Greeters of Nantes are part of the Fédération France Greeters
and the International Greeter Association. 

To find out more about them, visit internationalgreeter.org


Meet a Greeter

All Greeters are different.
And each visit is tailored to your interests.
Tell us who you are, what you’re planning to do in Nantes, and what you’d like to do and see in our form. Complete it carefully and then send it to us.
 We’ll reply immediately to confirm that we’ve received your request. A volunteer will then suggest a stroll for you. If there are no volunteers available to help you, we’ll keep you informed!